Airdrop Farming

Stop manually farming crypto airdrops. Airbot transforms the way you farm with advanced automation tools. Our bots handle everything from A-Z, maximizing your potential gains. Whether you're new or experienced, we will help elevate your farming game to the next level.


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Key Features

Simplified Airdrop Management

AIRBOT's unified dashboard offers an intuitive way to view & comprehend airdrop farming tasks, making oversight a breeze.

Automated Task Completion

Airbot leverages our advanced algorithms when it comes to onboarding tasks, transactions, claims & more, liberating you from the manual labor required to farm.

Expert Airdrop Curation

Our team constantly has their finger on the pulse & saves you time on research by doing the hard work for you. We’re always looking for new airdrops and vetting which ones will yield you worthwhile gains.

Tailored Participation Strategy

AIRBOT allows you to customize your airdrop participation strategy based on your risk preferences and revenue goals, giving you full control over your farming journey.

Secure Private Keys

All private keys are encrypted and stored on your local device, ensuring maximum security & peace of mind to Airbot users.

Sybil Attack Protection

Our advanced protocols employ randomized strategies and conceal on-chain movements, protecting users and maximizing legitimate airdrop reward opportunities.



Token Distribution


Token Information



Q2 2023
  • R&D
  • Private seed round to fund development
  • Private beta launch of airbot for testing
Q3 2023
  • Official public launch of Airbot v1
  • Release of $AirBot
  • Prototyping & testing of premium features
  • Revenue sharing/Farming as a Service
  • Official launch of our web based application
  • Starknet farming module
  • Routes: Create custom randomized routes for your wallets to follow made up of multiple separate tasks
  • Linea farming module
  • Automated withdrawal of your funds after task completion to a newly generated CEX sub account for efficient capital recycling
  • Custom contract to auto refill your native gas token balance across all chains based upon your task requirements
Q4 2023
  • Launch of AirBot ambassador programme & referral system
  • Refine existing customization & randomization features
  • Portfolio management dashboard- track every token across every chain on every wallet all in one place
  • Partner up with other non-airdrop farming bots to provide additional utility to holders of the $AirBot token
Q1 2024
  • Scale Performance of web app to support our significant user growth
  • Launch of our advanced notification features
  • Build & Launch modules to automatically claim airdrops across & integrate it with our auto CEX sub account creation feature to avoid sybil and consolidate all your tokens on a single CEX account.


Frequently Asked Questions

AIRBOT is an automation tool designed to streamline your airdrop farming process. It automates tasks, joins airdrop campaigns, and manages multiple wallets simultaneously. With AIRBOT, you can effortlessly maximize your rewards and save time which would otherwise be spent manually farming!

AIRBOT is ideal for crypto enthusiasts and airdrop farmers who actively participate in campaigns to receive tokens as rewards. Whether you are new to airdrops or a seasoned participant, AIRBOT simplifies the process for you.

Getting started with AIRBOT is easy! Hop into our discord & head to the #setup-guide channel for instructions.

Absolutely! We prioritize the security of your assets and information. AIRBOT stores private keys locally, ensuring you have full control and maximum security over your wallets. We employ industry-standard security measures to safeguard your data. Our development team is doxxed, further exemplifying our commitment to transparency and trustworthiness.

Yes, with AIRBOT, you have the flexibility to customize your strategy. You can choose specific airdrop campaigns based on your preferences and goals, allowing for a tailored and personalized airdrop farming experience.

Yes! Our token is now live, simply hold 500 tokens & join the discord to get access to the bot.

Absolutely! We provide dedicated customer support to assist you with any queries or issues. Feel free to reach out to our support team via our Discord or Twitter.

You can join our discord server here

We ensure that all updates and new developments related to AIRBOT will be shared across all our platforms to keep you up to date. Feel free to check our Telegram, Twitter, or Discord channels for the latest information.

To avoid being categorized as a Sybil participant, you should take the following steps into consideration:

  • Refrain from linking addresses engaged in simultaneous farming of the same airdrop. This prevents patterns that might raise suspicions.
  • Avoid Simultaneous Transactions: Do not initiate identical transactions to multiple addresses from a centralized exchange (CEX) within the same timeframe. Such synchronized actions can trigger suspicion.
  • Make sure not to engage in farming multiple airdrops using a single wallet. Distributing your activity across different wallets helps avoid clustering.
  • Vary Action Sequences: Prevent using the same sequence of actions simultaneously. Our system ensures your wallets' actions are randomized, introducing unpredictability.